“Your sacred space is where you can  find yourself over and over again.” 

- Joseph Campbell

‘Spiritual Spaces’ documents the specific environments that the featured individuals feel connection to another place outside the known parameters of the human condition. Whether this their home, studio or within the natural landscape ‘spiritual spaces’ explores the visual notion of this other worldliness that some choose to identify in.

One of the main themes that has resonated with me through talking with each of my subjects is that ultimately their spiritual beliefs cannot fit into a box, nor be restricted by specific dogma.

Each individual has a different path, taking the elements that they connect with creating their own way. Connection to the earth and the landscape forms a major part of many of their beliefs - this appreciation of nature going beyond a human plain towards the spiritual.

Perhaps this is something we all have, consciously or not? With many of the individuals feeling at home by the sea, walking through a woodland or right at the top of a mountain. It is this feeling of being consumed and an identification with their surroundings that resonates overwhelmingly with each individual.

By photographing my subjects in their specfic environments and pairing them with landscapes I am conveying how (unlike organised religion) all of these places and spaces can be seen as spiritual or sacred. 

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